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Tonya genuinely engaged in the process and was always available to him as he bumped along on his journey. Tonya did a tremendous job supporting him and provided him with tools that he continues to use. I wholeheartedly recommend Tonya as a youth coach.

A. H.,Mom of I.B., 19 years old

 A young woman jumping in the air with her right hand in the air

Thank you again for the wonderful work you do. T. and I have grown so much since having the opportunity to work with you. We always have you in mind when we know of someone who struggles.

C.L., mom of T., 16 years old

Even though the coaching was intended as a means to help me with the interviews, Tonya helped improve other aspects of my life as well. The ability to join conversations with others and do activities with them, health, happiness are just some of the many example that I can mention.

All in all, Puddle Jump Coaching was an incredible experience that resulted only in positive outcomes and I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you Tonya from the bottom of my heart.

A.R., 20 years old

My 16 year old daughter was feeling really stuck at high school. She was very worried about what to do after grade 12. She was so stressed out that it was impacting her sleep, her relationships and her grades at school. She was feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.

I was desperate and found Puddle Jump Coaching online.

Tonya quickly identified my daughter’s struggles and she appreciated what her challenges were with deciding on a career path after high school. Tonya never minimized her worries, but instead helped her to work through her concerns and focus on her strengths instead of doubting her capabilities.

She was finally able to move forward and is now working towards her future!

B. O’B, mom of K., 16 years old

As a child I used to see a lot of therapists, it was weird then and it's weird now. It was all so medical, making you feel like another burden on society. However, I get so much more out of Puddle Jump Coaching. There's a saying that goes, “you get as much as you put in” and clearly Tonya has done an exceptional job. Not only have I learned that it's okay to be emotionally aware of myself and others around me but more importantly I’ve learned how to function within my own weird all over the place emotional self. Tonya is a non judgmental coach, always listening to what I have to say and interpreting it in a fashion that both she and I can understand.

E., 30 years old

In a few short months, Tonya helped me realize what I truly want in a career, take action to find the right placement and confidently step into my new position. Working with Tonya as a coach, with her company Puddle Jump Coaching, has been a wonderful experience; after finishing my PhD I was at odds with what I wanted to pursue and Tonya’s advice helped me find the job that was right for my needs and strengths rather than following along the ‘treadmill’ that had been my experience so far. Tonya is well informed, intuitive, encouraging and motivating. I would highly recommend Tonya to students and graduates that find themselves unsure of what their next steps could be.

K.S., 32 years old

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