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Goodbye to 2023, Welcome 2024!

It's been way too long. Seriously. I have been crazy busy, but of course, who hasn't? And because it is the last day of 2023 and I always (or at least always want to) write a review of the year, I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. Write a review of the year AND update my blog.

First things first, I'm not going to lie. I honestly can't remember all the shenanigans that happened throughout the year. Part of me wants so to comb through my FB posts so I can see, but another part just wantsto wing it.

So, heres to winging it! For me, 2023 was a year of new - a new podcast, a new job, a new car and for my husband, a new lens in his eye as a result of cataract surgery in December. It was also the year that I finally got to find out what causes my head tremors. Apparently I have cervical dystonia which causes tremors and hopefully it will not get worse. I find when I am feeling stressed the tremors are more frequent, so I am trying to reduce my level of stress.

It's not going very well. Which is totally on me. I know the importance of eating right, exercising, sleep, mindfulness, mental health, the whole enchilada. But am I exercising? I mean, more than the daily walks with puppy around the neighborhood or when he is well enough (and it is light enough outside) the dog park.

The answer is no. I also understand the importance of strength training. I get it. But am I doing anything? No. But, as you know, I am a determined person, and when I set my mind on something, I make it happen. So I am looking forward!

And so, it's a short review. I know that the year was filled with gratitude - and maybe my gratitude list may even be longer than the actual review itself -

My family, the health of my family, the fact that my husband paid off the mortgage without me knowing (that was probably the most romantic and practical gift I have ever received), the fact that we live in Canada and even though the healthcare system is completely broken, we can still get the medical support we need (eventually and without cost), spending time with Sue and Karyn after we all left OCISO, developing stronger relationships with my former OCISO colleagues, laughing with my family, meeting my cousin's children for the first time (that was very cool), getting my job at World Skills and getting to meet the most amazing women clients, saying goodbye to my old Accent and hello to my new darling car, my Venue. Everyone asks me what her name is. I don't really know, but I kind of call her Tali (after Frank Lloyd Wright's beloved winter home, Taliesin, and of course, he is the origin of both Lloyd and Frank, our beautiful dogs),

The year makes me think of the rebirth of Temptation Tuesdays, and the friendships that have developed, I am so grateful for each and every moment, and I am looking forward to the possibilities, opportunities and positivity of 2024.

I will continue to bring joy and see happiness and light in the world. I will spend more time in nature (with snow or with a green landscape), and I will exercise and continue to eat right. And yes, I will also lift weights.

My word of 2024 is inspiration. I hope to be one for others and to always see the inspiration in other people's stories and continue to share these important stories with the world on my podcast.

In 2021 I had my hysterectomy and was plunged into menopause. In 2022 I finally published my book and in 2023 I finally started my podcast. I also took a cross country skiing course and realized to my chagrin that I don't have a lot of balance.

I am praying for peace throughout the world, and am going to do my best to bring my best. And honestly, I know that expression - when man makes a plan, God laughs. I am ready to hear some laughter!

To a new year - to peace.


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1 Comment

Mar 20

Your husband paid off the mortgage without you knowing??? I can't even describe how gallant that is.

Best wishes for a rewarding 2024!

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