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  • Tonya Pomerantz

It only took 10 years

More or less.

I wanted a way to share information, and offer guidance, advice and hope. I wanted to give listeners an opportunity to learn, to share and to build community.

Mostly I wanted to connect with listeners. But I was not sure what my podcast would be about. My publisher, Becky from Spotlight Publishing House, suggested that it should be about something I wrote about in my book, Sex, Self-esteem & Sheer Stupidity Surviving Your 20s and Beyond. Finally, after 10 years of mulling and musing, it hit me. My podcast would explore the role of career development in building positive self-esteem.

About 10 years ago I wrote a piece called How to Play Nice in the Multi-generational Sandbox: The 7 Cs of Peaceful Co-existence in the Workplace. Always an idea person, I played around with some names -

  • The Playground Project

  • The Millennial Merry-go-round

  • The Parental Jungle Gym

  • The Single Life Slide

  • The Marital Monkey Bars

  • The Adolescent Obstacle Course

  • Balance Beam

  • Teeter-totter

As you can tell, I started out strong and then just kind of phoned in the rest. The Playground Project really stuck with me. I even used that title for a Teaching Adult Learners assignment I did about seven years ago. We had to create a short podcast as an example of an instructional tool. I enjoyed learning about podcasts through that assignment, and the Playground Project has stayed with me through the years.

I thought about how when we are young we want to be adults. We can't wait to be grown up. But then we experience the challenges of adulthood. Suddenly our childhood days spent on the playground become more appealing and we long for those carefree days.

Those days when we did not have to worry about paying our rent or mortgage, losing our job or dealing with the everyday realities of life. I wanted this podcase to help you get through the trials and tribulations of adulting - for real.

So, I did it. I found a podcast about helping people start a podcast (Captivate Audio Ltd's How to Start a Podcast - 7 Day Beginner's Guide). I liked the host and her obviously qualified co-host, and so I listened. And then I took the free course and then bought the equipment (a mic, a boom arm, a shock mount and a pop filter). I installed it and was ready to go. I worked through the exercises, and felt ready. Ish.

I then found another podcast about starting a podcast. Brandon Stover hosts How to Start a Podcast, and I started listening to that. One of the exercises was to record your podcast trailer. I had all of the gear - so I did it!

Here is the link to my podcast - I will be posting show notes on my website so that people can use them for reference. Enjoy!

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